Hiring a Reliable Moving Company in Singapore

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Hiring a Reliable Moving Company in Singapore

Transferring homes is a common activity in a highly-urbanized city-state like Singapore. Moving companies thrive because they have an opportunity to satisfy the needs of the city’s residents when they transfer to a new flat.

The presence of multiple moving companies offering services doesn’t always assure a pleasant experience though. Many Singaporeans have surely experienced getting their stuff damaged or bad professionalism by the moving team that went to handle the job.

There are protection assurances that all Singapore moving companies should present their clients with. It can be stipulated in the contract you sign or you get separate documents for this protection. We will outline a few steps to take to ensure you chose to hire the right moving company.

Ask questions

This is an often-neglected part of the process. As the client, you must not hesitate to ask questions because it is your right to know the service you are hiring. The moving company you are talking to should also be address all these questions once you ask them.

Simple questions like the presence of item protection assurance, insurance for damaged items, guidelines for moving, and company responsibility during the job. You can even go in-depth by checking if the company has their own fleet of moving vans or they’re just sub-contracting the moving van to use in their operations.

Get estimates and moving details

Before the move starts, you should ask for estimates about the details of the moving job. It must be quoted in an official letter or job order from the company. This ensures you can monitor how the job is going so far.

Pick-up schedule, Delivery time, names of the moving team, and contact information of the moving company should be available. Number of boxes as well as a detailed list of contained items and equivalent value should also be included.

You should also get an estimated cost for pick-up and delivery rate of the company for the entire moving job. Deposit requirements, taxes, and payment options (cash, credit card, etc.) are the other financial details that you need to know about.

Boxes for your stuff

All reliable moving companies use moving boxes to secure your stuff and they’re easy to carry. There are details to these boxes that you need to know about. It allows you to keep tabs on your belongings even though you don’t see them.

Know how your boxes are segregated where you know what box contains which items. This is important in packing up your stuff along with the labels and seals because you know what you’re unloading when you start unpacking the items inside the box.

Get the name of the person who packed the box or boxes during the moving job. It gives you information on the point person in case an item goes missing or the item got damaged during the travel due to mishandled boxing.

It is also during this process that you determine the box to be used to contain certain stuff. Cardboard boxes or wooden boxes are the most commonly used boxes and identifying the right one will help in protecting your stuff.

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