Moving To A New Place During Pregnancy

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February 19, 2018
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Moving To A New Place During Pregnancy

It may seem like the worse timing to schedule moving to a new house, but this has actually become a cliché among new families. Pregnancy sure does bring new changes in a family’s life, which often entails big decisions. Speaking of big decisions, moving to a new place, one that is more baby and child-friendly is one of those big but essential decisions that a couple has to make. While it is truly challenging, some success stories of moms continue to expire moms-to-be that it can be done. Here are some of the lessons that we learned from their experiences:

  • Start Early – If possible, give yourself months to pack all the things that you need to bring to the new house. Unlike in normal circumstances when you can spare a week or two for packing alone, being pregnant may not be the ideal condition to do the same thing. Most moms share that they packed way ahead, which allowed them to accomplish small things leading towards moving out day.
  • Pre-determine which room every box is going – It’s one of those basic things in packing, especially if we’re talking about an entire house that has accumulated lots of stuff throughout the years. Moreover, it will also make things easier once the moving out day comes. Moms are even saying that they are surprised at how less they have to do days before they move out. Now, that’s stress-free!
  • Learn to delegate – We get, there’s always that urge to be in control of everything from packing to unpacking. But as fellow moms would always point out, it’s important to put your wellness first. To get as many things done, you need to learn how to delegate the tasks to the other household members or even to the professional movers that you hired. Since most of the boxes are already labelled by then, they would know better where to put what.
  • Do not rush into unpacking – In the same way that you took the packing one day at a time, do not pressure yourself into unpacking everything all at once. Put priorities in the box, and only unpack those that are immediately necessary.

Moving out while pregnant may not be the ideal situation, but with these heads-up from fellow moms, it could be made easier.

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