What your moving service provider can’t do for you

Things to Prepare for Before Your Moving Day (Residential)
March 5, 2018

What your moving service provider can’t do for you

As much as your moving service provider wants to make the process fast and easy for you, there are times when we have so decline some of the online bookings and calls that we get. It’s not necessarily because we cannot do it, but simply because they are outside of the services and expertise that we offer.

However, we completely understand and appreciate these people who come for us for help. After all, moving to a new place has never been an easy task and you definitely need all the help that you can get. To ensure though that your next request for a moving service do not get declined, remember that these are just some of the things that a moving service provider cannot do for you.

Pick your new place, or inspect the place for you

Unless you do not have an agent to do this, you may have to do this on your own. Our transport service and manpower were designed to transfer things, bulk of them, and may not be used to check out properties around Singapore. You may get in touch with a property agent for this concern.

Help you pack

With many people in Singapore living in transient houses independently, we get a lot of inquiries from people seeking help to help them organize and pack their things. Unfortunately, this is still not part of the many moving services that we offer. However, a usual advice the we give is to find moving stores where they find lots of boxes and other products ideal for packing. We can also help in giving tips on how to pack thing in a way that they will be less susceptible to damage during the moving process.

Find a car rental service for moving

This is unfortunately another service that is currently not being offered by the company. However, with a moving service provider, you are not only guaranteed with a spacious car to fit all your stuff, you also get to have your own manpower to carry your stuff for you. If personal transport is a problem, this can also be arranged with us to make sure that you are also able to reach your new place with.

We totally welcome all other inquiries about moving services and how we can make it easy for you. And in cases when what you are looking for are not available in the company’s line of work, we’d still be happy to assist you in finding the right company or people to do it.


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