Common Problems with Moving Companies

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June 22, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Common Problems with Moving Companies

Moving can be a regular thing for some Singaporeans. The expensive real estate pushes many people to rent flats or apartments. Expiring leasing contracts may cause them to move occasionally.

Students, expats, and workers with a provisional visa are some of the more common customers for movers. These are also the individuals who usually call complaint desks when they had a run-in with a bad moving company.

Movers are already placed in a stressful situation when they move. It becomes even worse if their moving company gives them bad service or worse, a scam.

You can easily avoid these bad situations if you follow certain guidelines before hiring a moving company to handle the job. These will help you get a bang for your buck service.

Do your research

There are movers that deliver high quality service. While there are others that are just bad at what they do. Some even charge you too much for mediocre service.

This problem can be solved by doing your research on moving companies. Find a moving company in Singapore that you’re interested in hiring. Read about them on the internet or talk to friends who have experience with them.

It would even be better if you get a visit from your mover so that you can interact with them. You will get a feel on how they do business and how their staff will perform when moving. Plus, they get to inspect your home to know the scale of the job.

No premature price quotes

Movers tend to offer rates that they don’t follow once they get to the actual job at hand. At times, the price quote will be premature and they will charge more once the job start. You’ll be forced to pay everything once that happens.

A visit from a representative of the moving company would be the prudent choice. It allows them to inspect the place and give proper estimate of the job. You then get to decide whether or not you’d pursue with the job once you see the quoted rate.

Scam moving companies show signs
Moving companies who offer bad services or engage in a scam will give away their modus operandi once you communicate with them constantly. Scammers don’t usually tell you their company’s name. Moving vans used don’t have a logo or it is sub-contracted from another company.

They offer really low prices for large job coverage which is usually a tell-tale sign that they’ll overcharge once they get to the job. And don’t ever pay a deposit that requires you to shell out most of the job quote even if they haven’t performed any job.

Plan the move ahead

A move is a stressful task to do. It requires patience to list all your items and make sure everything you need get moved properly. This is why you need to plan ahead.

It takes away the stress of thinking about the things you need. And the less you cram the more likely you hire the right moving company to execute the kind of job you need.


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