What To Prepare Before Contacting A Mover Company 

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June 28, 2017

What To Prepare Before Contacting A Mover Company 

Planning to transfer to a new house or location anytime, soon? Booking for a moving company is currently one of the emerging trends in Singapore for people who need assistance in changing the location of their house or office. Hiring a moving company is a convenient process of packing and transporting all the stuff with the assistance of experts in the field. However, despite the convenience that their services provide, moving companies in SG are recommending the follow preparations before the actual day of having to transport the things.

To make the transfer as smooth as possible, make sure to do the following things before your scheduled appointment with the moving company:

1) Sort out fragile materials

In the middle of packing, it can be easy to get lost in ensuring that all important stuff are all in one place, ready for the move. While doing this, also remember to separate the fragile stuff for a faster packaging of things. Usually, moving companies will have a specific material like bubble wraps for the fragile things. So many homeowners only realize that they have fragile things to secure on the day of moving itself, which would only take so much time. Moving company will unfortunately not organize things for you.

2) Learn to leave some things behind

As much as a moving company delivers convenience and efficiency in your new location transfer, you may still want to evaluate whether you still need the things you have in your new space. Remember that the pricing for moving companies will greatly depend on the size and weight of your packages, so a quick spring cleaning of your old stuff can go a long way, cost-wise.

3) Donate

Wonder where all the other things would go? Do a garage sale, donate to charities. You’ll be surprised with how many other people and organizations will benefit from the stuff that you no longer consider necessary in your new space. By doing this, you are not simply throwing away things, but somehow just transferring their ownership.

4) Pack way ahead

The right time to pack is not days before your appointment with your moving company. To do all the other things mentioned earlier, it would take careful planning and organizing, and will thus take time. Some people delay packing their things with the concern of still needing them for the coming days. Guess what? Once they are stacked there in your moving boxes, you’ll find it quite innate in you to simply temporarily deal with what’s available.

5) Determine your budget and specific services required

Not all people are comfortable with leaving all the work to a moving company, whether for privacy or budgetary reasons. For a smoother transaction, remember to inform your moving company of these specific requirements so they are able customize their quotes for you, too.

Once all these are in place, then you are ready for that one big move, and you can be assured for the rest to go as efficiently as possible. The next challenge now is the unpacking part.

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